Stéphanie Baechler

Stéphanie Baechler (°1983, Meyriez, CH)
Lives & works in Amsterdam
Medium: textile, sculpture

Photo: Ladina Bischof

Care II (2020) | Woven textile @TextielLab Tilburg, NL | edition of 2 + 1 AP | 137 x 175 cm | Jacquard weave (merino wool - cotton - alpaca - linen - lurex - mohair - rubber)
Care II
Dear lines (2019) | 34 x 22 cm| porcelain
Dear lines
Matters of care I (2020) |37 x 21 x 0,5 cm | textile & wachs
Matters of care I
Filling the gaps (2020) | 40 x 28 x 0,5 cm | bronze
Filling the gaps
Flying carpet I (2020) | 32 x 65 x 0,5 cm | aluminum
Flying carpet I
Hardware / software #1, #2, #4 I (2019) | 160 x 3 x 9 cm | porcelain - ceramic - plastic
Hardware / software #1, #2, #4
Intimate matter(s) (2019) | exhibition view Gallery Lauwer, Den Haag (NL)
Intimate matter
Hollow flow (2018) | exhibition view Iso Amsterdam (NL)
Hollow flow
Gallery exhibitions
Coded Intimacy
Art fairs
Art Rotterdam 2021
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Cantonale Berne Jura
Cantonale Berne Jura
Intimate Matter(s)

Stéphanie Baechler (°1983, Meyriez, Switzerland, lives and works in Amsterdam) is an artist with focus on textile, fashion and ceramics. Trained at HSLU Lucerne University of Applied Arts with a Fashion Masters degree from the ArtEZ Arnhem Netherlands. She worked as a Textile Developer/Design Assistant for Hussein Chalayan in London and was the head of print design for renowned Swiss textile company Jakob Schlaepfer. Her work has developed towards sculpture and installation, addressing the concept of the personal. She is moving between what she terms Hardware (ceramic) and Software (textile). Baechler investigates fashion’s formal and structural vocabulary, its production process and its complex relationship to the body, the self and society. Currently her work intends to question and research the motivations leaning under people’s perpetual need for approval in today’s ubiquitous social media landscape. Through her work with textiles, embroidery and ceramics Baechler investigates the sensual experience that has become increasingly rare through today technologies. The tactile dimension and the interaction between body, movement and space are at the heart of her research, and confront people with the otherwise intangible and mostly invisible digital world of data.


After training and working as a textile and fashion designer, Stéphanie Baechler began to question the way the fashion industry operates. Primarily engaged with sculpture and installation, she experiments with ceramics in combination with other materials in order to create an abstraction between two and three dimensional objects. With the architecture of clothing as a foundation, Baechler petrifies the various stages of dress construction in clay. By doing so, she investigates fashion’s formal and structural vocabulary, its production process, and its underlying codes. At the heart of her artistic research lies her interest in the interaction between objects, their movement, and the spaces they inhabit. With this, she closely examines the inherent binaries media such as ceramics and textile present – their susceptibility to being light, heavy, soft, and hard.


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