Yves Velter

Yves Velter
L'oubli extatique phase II (2014) | 100 x 130 cm | acrylic - oil - chinese ink - pigment - pencil - copy of letter byTrees - glas
De goudkotser (2014) | 31 x 23,5 x 34 cm | polyester
The gaze (2014) | 100 x 130 cm | acrylic - chinese ink - pigment - pencil - copy of letter byTrees

Yves Velter lives and works in Ostend, Belgium. An awareness of displacement and alienation constitutes the basis for his work, in which an interest in human (and humane) values comes to the fore. The muted characters in his work are based on existing people who have been made unrecognizable by making them abstract to a certain extent. They are placed in situations in which they create an opening in reality, thus enabling them to break through the impossibility of showing emotions. The images show the contrast between representation and abstraction. It is an aspect that works on several levels: the elusiveness of emotions, sensuality, fears, desires, individuality… In contrast to science, art is a domain where unconventional reasoning remains a possibility. The artist immerses himself in the world of a woman who is caught up in a closed-off logic of writing letters in a code all of her own. He considers these intimate scripts to provide a parallel with the world of the arts, where an artist also creates codes in order to translate his own world of thoughts. In the eyes, “the mirrors of the soul”, of his figures we can see small pieces of the aforementioned letters. Other objects and materials from several origins that carry a comparable tension within them (red dots, soil from his parents’ garden, cardboard, clothing…) are also being used as ingredients in his works. In a world of his own he investigates and reorders the experiences, objects and metaphors which possess this ‘tension’. With connection to this, the artists speaks of making ‘corrections of ratio’ which enable him to use his very own code of images in order to give expression to the unanswerable.


Yves Velter (°1967) Ostend (BE)
Lives and works in Ostend (BE)

Selected solo exhibitions
2015. As human as it gets, Freeman Gallery, Aardenburg (NL)
2015. L’Oubli extatique (duo Stief Desmet), The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel (BE)
2014. House of doubt, Secondroom , Ghent (BE)
2014. Témoin silencieux, Villa de Olmen, Wieze (BE)
2013. Awaiting the hesitation (duo Stephanie Leblon), Lightcube, Ronse (BE)
2011. De zielentemmer: De Queeste Kunstkamers, Abeele/Watou (BE)
2010. Taking the air out of the room, Secondroom, Antwerp (BE)
2010. Ontgouding, CC Evergem, Evergem (BE)
2010. Don’t look, St(Artcube), Temse (BE)
2009. Yves Velter, Galerie Pascal Polar, Knokke (BE)
2008. Recording Utopia, Exit 11, Grand-Leez (BE)
2007. Awakening, Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis Heilig Hart, Ieper (BE)
2007. Paradise regained, Galerie Denise Vande Velde , Aalst (BE)
2007. Everquest, Galerie 9.9, Roeselare (BE)
2006. Unknown Distance, CK*, Kortrijk (BE)
2005. The whisper, Galerie Radical House, Zug (CH)
2005. Benaderigen, BOX 38 (duo Matthieu Lobelle) (BE)
2004. Antimaster: Galerie De Witte Beer - Bruges (BE)
2003. Duo with Thomas Hauser, Galerie Jan Colle, Ghent (BE)
2003. Imponderabilia, Galerie Denise Vande Velde, Aalst (BE)
2002. Duo with Philip Aguirre, U.F.O. Untitled Foundatio, Ostend (BE)
2001. Sensors, Galerie De Witte Beer, Bruges (BE)
2001. Private language, Z33, Hasselt (BE)
2001. Transition, Galerie Denise Vande Velde, Aalst (BE)
2000. Duo with Ensor, ACF Studiekring/Art et Psychanalyse, Brussels (BE)
2000. Enlightenment, Electrabel, Antwerp (BE)
1999. Fremdkörper, Galerie Denise Vande Velde, Aalst (BE)
1999. Fremdkörper (duo Xavier Tricot), Galerie Studio 10, Chur (CH)
1999. Fremdkörper, De Gele Zaal , Ghent (BE)
1998. Rust, Het Kunsthuis – Vrienden van het P.M.M.K. , Ostend (BE)
1997. Serendipity, Museum voor Schone kunsten, Ostend (BE)

Selected group exhibitions
2014. Questa (curator Frederik Van Laere) ,Tielt (BE)
2014. LNKS Beeldruim #3 (curator Laurens Mariën), Nucleo, Ghent (BE)
2014. Health, something of value (curator Sven Vanderstichelen), Brussels (BE)
2013. Teken, Entrpot Fictief, Ghent (BE)
2013. Poëtic/organic, Salon Blanc, Ostend (BE)
2013. Vrouwenkuren, IPSOC-ismw met Museum Dr. Guislain, Kortrijk (BE)
2013. La joie de se perdre, Villa de Olmen, Wieze (BE)
2013. Art Transfo, Electriciteitscentrale, Zwevegem (BE)
2012. Ernest Albert Schilderkunstprijs, CC Mechelen, Mechelen (BE)
2012. Scratch, Galerie Light Cube, Ronse (BE)
2012. Ars Justitia, Justitiepaleis, Luik (BE)
2012. Gevaarlijk jong, KATHO-Kortrijk iswm Museum Dr. Guislain, Kortrijk (BE)
2011. Abrasie, Venitiaanse Gaanderijen, Ostend (BE)
2011. The often overlooked and everyday observed, Exit 11, Grand-Leez (BE)
2011. Watou 2011 Tussen taal en beeld, Watou- Blauwhuys (BE)
2011. Seepoint, Koksijde (BE)
2011. La part des anges, Villa de Olmen, Wieze (BE)
2011. Contemporary Figuration, Galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels (BE)
2011. Featuring, Exit 11, Grand-Leez (BE)
2011. EXIT 2011, Exit 11, Grand-Leez (BE)
2010. The Line, Exit 11, Grand-Leez (BE)
2010. Vlaggenproject, Mu.ZEE, Ostend (BE)
2010. Labomax, Oud postgebouw, Ostend (BE)
2010. Uit het geheugen, IPSOC-ismw met Museum Dr. Guislain, Kortrijk (BE)
2009. Matchbox, Mu.ZEE Oostende, Buda Libre-Kortrijk, De Spil – Roeselare (BE)
2009. Onder spanning, Tranfo, Zwevegem (BE)
2009. Fenominale feminatheek, VZW Den Tunnel, Antwerp (BE)
2009. Four, Exit 11, Grand-Leez (BE)
2008. Marcel Broodthaers kotroute, AmuseeVous, Ghent (BE)
2008. Lumen, De Markten, Brussels (BE)
2007. Aan zee kan het waaien, Venitiaanse Gaanderijen, Ostend (BE)
2007. Wortbilder, Galerie Radical House, Zug (CH)
2007. Beeldentuin, Isel Foundation, Merelbeke (BE)
2007. Lumen 2, Galerie Jan Colle, Ghent (BE)
2007. Salon blanc, Ostend (BE)
2006. geTekend, De Bond, Bruges (BE)
2006. Lumen 1, CC De Werft, Geel (BE)
2006. Heilige Geest, Voorkamer, Lier (BE)
2006. Aanwinsten 2001-2005 collectie Provincie West-Vlaanderen, CC Lakenhalle, Ieper (BE)
2005. Corpus’05-Ventilatie 2005, Oud Sint-Janshospitaal, Bruges (BE)
2005. Tactiele Beeldentuin, ’t Wit Huis , Loppem (BE)
2004. Art without prescription, Univ.Ziekenhuis Antwerpen, Antwerp (BE)
2004. Mo(nu)ment, Sint-Bernardusabdij, Bornem (BE)
2004. GO!, Liqiudation Total, Madrid (ES)
2003. Switch-project, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle (BE)
2001. Raamwerk, Ostend (BE)
2001. De Slang, Bruges (BE)
2001. De Plek, Galerie R53, Ostend (BE)
2000. Labyrint?, Zwijnaarde (BE)
2000. Engagé (NICC), Bauhaus, Bruges (BE)
1999. Free Space: NICC, Antwerp (BE)
1998. Attitudes, Sint-Niklaas (BE)
1997. Watou '97, Watou (BE)

Work in public collections
2013. Zebrastraat , Ghent (BE)
2012. Hogeschool KATHO-IPSOC, Kortrijk (BE)
2012. Stadhuis, Ostend (BE)
2012. World Customs Organisation , Brussels (BE)
2011. CC Gasthoven, Aarschot (BE)
2010. Dement VZW, Ostend (BE)
2010. Mu.ZEE Kunstmuseum aan zee Collectie van de Provincie West-Vlaanderen, Ostend (BE)
2010. OCMW Brugge: De Notelaar, Bruges (BE)
2009. UZ – Antwerpen, Antwerp (BE)
Provincie West-Vlaanderen: Provinciehuis Boeverbos – Bruges (BE)
Mu.ZEE Kunstmuseum aan zee Collectie van de Stad Oostende – Ostend (BE)
Gemeentehuis – Zwevegem (BE)
CC de Wissel – Zwevegem (BE)

Selection of publications
2014. Brochure Cuesta 14, curator Fréderik Van Laere
2014. Health, something of value, artbook by Sven Vanderstichelen
2012. Catalogue Denudatio, CC De Werft, Geel
2012. Catalogue Grote prijs voor schilderkunst Ernest Albert
2012. Catalogue Scratch
2011. Catalogue Watou ‘Tussen beeld en taal’
2011. Monography ‘Taking the air out of the room’ by Marc Ruyters, Isabelle De Baets and Joannes Késenne
2011. Catalogue Vlaggenboek Muzee/mars op Oostende, Ostend
2010. Catalogue Gasthoven 10 by Marc Cruysbergs, Aarschot
2010. Brochure Labomax by Ewout Vanhoecke, Ostend
2009. 10+2,5 jaar Voorkamer, artbook by Peter Morrends, Lier
2009. Brochure Yves Velter, Galerie Pascal Polar, Brussels
2008. 40 Oostendse kunstenaars, art book by Norbert Hostyn
2007. Catalogue Aan zee kan het waaien by Annelies Vantyghem, Ostend
2006. Arte(fact) Zoektocht van een Vlaamse schilder, Art magazine ‘Basblad’ by Annemarie Piersma
2005. Catalogue The wisper, Radical Houser, Zug (CH)
2004. Art without prescription, artbook collection Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen