Isabel Fredeus (°1991, Mortsel)
Lives & works in Kapellen (BE)

Photo by Lies Mertens

Selection of works available
A puddle of thoughts
Are you coming or going? Analogue light painting.
Close-up #1
Fictional ruins
Seed Pod
A Subjective reality
Digitalism #2
Jelly Blanket #1
Artist portfolio
Under the weather (2018) | Outdoor glass sculpture | 230 x 50 x 50 cm | handblown glass - chemicals - silicone - bluestone
Under the weather
Control Panel (2018) | Glass sculpture | 7,5 x 24,5 x 18 cm
Control Panel
Petrified cloud (2020) | 2 parts | variabele dimensies | alabaster, rope, plaster, iron
Petrified cloud
Intertwined - a matter of symbiosis #1 (2020) | 20 x 16 x 21 cm | plaster - ecoline - iron - sand casted glass
Intertwined - a matter of symbiosis #1
Close-up #2 (2020) | 28,5 x 23 x 3 cm | wax
Close-up #2
Laws of attraction (2020) | 2 parts | 47 x 16 x 13 cm | steatite, plastic
Laws of attraction
Sunlight (2019) | 6,5 x 8,5 x 3 cm | molded glass
Gallery exhibitions
Fungal Affair
Are you coming or going?
Cities living within
Mystery repeats
Art fairs
Art Antwerp 2022
Art Rotterdam 2021
External exhibitions
GIST Triënnale
Art Theorema #3
Antwerp Art Weekend

Isabel Fredeus (°1991) is an Antwerp-based artist. She works with installations, sculptures, video and interventions. Fredeus is mainly interested in materials that are elastic, manipulative and flexible. Within her artistic practice she tries to follow signs, investigate the origin of their attraction and search for alternative meanings within them. For these reasons Fredeus works process oriented. She started off as a painter, and still thinks as one. In her practice she is mainly occupied with natural processes, physical laws and the symbolism they create. She considers her atelier as a place to explore various methodologies where irony goes hand in hand with spirituality and scientific approaches are confronted with poetic layers.
She obtained a Master in Fine Arts and a Master of Research in Art & Design at St Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp. Her work was shown at Intershop, Leipzig (DE), Extra City Kunsthal (BE), Middelheim Museum (BE), M KHA (BE). In 2015, she was a resident at Villa Ruffieux residence, Sierre (CH). She won the De Lucas award 2015, awarded by Sint Lucas University College, Antwerp (BE). She won the Middelheim Museum Young Artist Prize awarded by the Middelheim Promotors, Antwerp (BE). She also won the prize of the public with her sculpture 'Under The Weather'.


Materiality and process are two key words in the very diverse art practice of Isabel Fredeus (b. 1991, lives and works in Kapellen). Her new project is preceded by patient research into the acidification of ocean water and the slow death of coral reefs. Using numerous mediums, the artist expresses what this research teaches her: how corals provide themselves with a fluorescent colour as a protection from the heat of the sun, before turning white and dying; or how several sea creatures' skeletons are weakening because of the disrupted acidity of the water. A glass fermentation bottle literally shows this process: shells are plunged into acetic acid and disappear, before our very eyes, in a matter of hours.
Natural processes have always been important to Fredeus’s art. Works often show the process itself – as is the case with the fermentation bottle, but also with her installation ‘Under the Weather’, which won her the 2018 Young Artist Prize of the Middelheim museum. Just as often, she finds the perfect material to reflect a certain effect or natural surface. Plaster sculptures on a glass base and glass ‘paintings’ translate the life of and under water. A piece of limestone, which is naturally formed out of sediments from shells and other small skeletons, has been minutely sculpted to simulate the structure of human bones. This skin – the water surface, the sculpted limestone, the capricious glass – conceals mysterious, inner lives. Like the corals and the water that inspire her works, the images and materials created by Fredeus are living organisms, breathing and interacting.

Tamara Beheydt, July 2020

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