(°1998, Genk)
Lives and works in Hasselt, Belgium.

Selection of works available
Brise-Vue #1
Brise-Vue #2
Greek meander
Heraldic lion
Laurel Wreath
Deconstructed construction #1
Deconstructed construction #2
Artist portfolio
Graduation exhibition (2022)
Graduation exhibition (2022)
Graduation exhibition (2022)
Graduation exhibition (2022)
Radioset for the word radio (2021)
Oblomov performance in JACHTBAK (2021)
Prowl series 2016-2017
Installation view - performa 4, C-mine, Genk.

Rachel Daniëls addresses problematic power structures and how they shift throughout human history. In 2022, she was nominated for the Wanatoe Prize and won the C-mine student award. Playfully, her installations break conventions by combining artisanal techniques such as stained glass with industrial materials such as PVC curtains and steel. This contrast lies not only in the material-technical aspect of her work but also in the substantive. With this, Rachel Daniëls interprets the social shift in power from religion to economy and capital, from common cultures to the human being as an individual. Interactions between fast and slow, blocking and passing and tangible and transcendental translate into the use of culturally ambiguously charged motifs such as the lion, a wolf's hook, fences, and concrete barricades like those of the Berlin Wall. The artist challenges the viewer by putting all these contradictions together to open a dialogue. According to Rachel Daniëls, art cannot change reality, but an artist can question and challenge its existing structures.

Chaussée de Charleroi, 54 1060 Brussels
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Opening April 20,2024
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