Espèces d'Espace


George Perec's Foreword to Espèces d'Espace

The space of our lives is neither continuous, nor infinite, nor homogeneous or isotropic. But do we know exactly where it breaks off, where it curves, where it disconnects and comes together? We confusedly experience cracks, gaps and points of friction, sometimes vaguely aware that something is stuck, that it breaks loose or collides. Though we seldom seek to learn more about it and more often than not, wander from one spot to another, from one space to another, without measuring, without taking into account or considering the course of space. The issue is not to invent space and certainly not to re-invent it (too many well-intentioned individuals are already there to reflect upon our environment...), the problem is rather to question space, or more exactly, to read space; for what we call everydayness is not the obvious, but opacity: a kind of blind- ness, or deafness, a sort of anesthesia.
From these elementary findings the book develops, the diary of a user of space.

Georges Perec, “Prière d’insérer”, Espèces d’espaces Species of Spaces, 1974.

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