Artist portfolio
Echoe of the war (2014) | video 6:18 min loop - 2 carpet beaters (ready-made objects)
Echoe of the war
An existential fountain (2012/2013) | edition of 3 + 1AP | 67,2 cm diagonal | dibond
An existential fountain
Nostalgia on fire (ritual documentation) (2013) | edition of 3 + 1AP | 68 x 98 cm | lambda print - diasec
Nostalgia on fire
Dark matter (2012/2013) | edition of 3 + 1AP  | 41 x 28 cm (2x) | eco-bord 10 mm
Dark matter
New year aggregation (2013) | edition of 2 + 1AP | 200 x 146 cm | eco-bord 16 mm
New year aggregation
The city of youth (print) (2012/2013) | edition of 3 + 1AP | 184 x 120 cm | eco-bord 16 mm
The city of youth
The city of youth (post card collection) (2012/2013) | edition of 3 + 1AP | 10 x 15 cm (7x) - 15 x 22,5 cm (3x) - 17,3 x 26 cm (3x) | lambda print - dibond
The city of youth
London olympic (2012) | 300 x 2700 cm | wall painting - acrylic
London olympic
Ambivalent world tree (2014) | variable dimensions | 1500 m. of ritual wire - green spot - 13 l empty champaign bottles
Ambivalent world tree
A struggle (2014) | edition of 3 + 1AP | 15 x 10 x 4 cm (6x) - soccle 30 x 30 cm | 6 sculptures in plastic - soccle in blue stone - plexibox
A struggle
IOD (2010/2011) | series of audiovisual performances in collaboration with Hleb Hnevashau. Photo by Andrew Miksys
Gallery exhibitions
From Where to When

Jura Shust was born in Belarus, 1983. Being a leader of the conceptual audio-visual group IOD, he studied Media and Visual Communication at EHU (Vilnius, LT). Focused on political engaged art, he was involved in international projects as "Opening the Door?" CAC (Vilnius, LT) and "Europe n” GFZK (Leipzig, DE). In 2013 Shust obtained MA in Fine Arts at KASK (Ghent, BE). A year later he had a solo show at “Ў" gallery (Minsk, BY), and the group show "Coming People" at S.M.A.K. (Ghent,BE). In October 2015 Shust had his solo exhibition at Bruthaus Gallery (Waregem, BE). Currently Jura Shust attends HISK residency program (Ghent, BE).


Focused on investigation of daily life, I explore passion for escapism. Intrigued by the human thirst for spiritualization/mystification, I examine relationships between ritual and discipline. In the key of modern archaeology my artistic investigation deals with the transformation of symbols and signs in their interaction between traditional and contemporary culture, circular and linear concepts of time. Discovering the nature of repetition and the origin of trance I focus on the state of transition. Drawing the line between profane and sacred I am inspired by the idea of an alternative world. Capturing interactions between logic and magic, chaos and structure, I use anthropological material from Eastern and Western European cultures. Based on a political narrative, my critical attention is focused on instruments and techniques of power, its sacralization and idolization. Extracting collective and global structures from individual experiences and local contexts, I am constructing my own poetic form of a new mythology, using different mediums for its articulation.

Jura Shust / 2014

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