Artist portfolio
Crime scene #1 (2015) | 120 x 150 cm | gouache on paper
Crime scene #1
Uto(p)ia (2012) | 185 x 150 cm | gouache on paper
Mountain #13 (2010)  | 185 x 150 cm | gouache on paper
Mountain #13
Gallery exhibitions
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Klaus Verscheure (°1968) is born and bred in West-Flanders. He decided in 1986 to attend RITS to train as an animation filmmaker. He finished in June 1989 on l’Entrée de l’hiérophante, a film on music by Blaine L. Reininger (violinist and founding father of Tuxedomoon).

Since 1995 klaus works as a freelance director. These last years he has been active in publicity and musicvideos, but most of the time he directs fiction series. Over the past years he was also asked to make several films for museums which gave him a real taste for filmmaking. In 2008 he made an award winning short film for which the British band Tindersticks made the music.

During the built up of this career, Klaus kept on working on the job which he considers the most important labour of all. He never ceased painting and drawing. Both mingled up with film and video and melted into installations, ART remained the heartbeat of Klaus’ way of living. CJK (Centrum Jonge Kunst) in Ghent promoted his work and sent it to exhibitions in Holland, Great Britain and Greece, after it was shown in their gallery in Ghent.

Besides his career as a freelance director his studio was the world where the fire kept burning. Most of the time his artwork remained inside, but in the summer of 2009, Klaus deciced that time had come to open up the doors of the studio and step out to show his work.
In November 2009, the Broelmuseum in Kortrijk (Belgium) decided to buy one of his paintings. This is the first time that his work enters the public collection of a museum.

2010 is the year of an international breakthrough, his work was shown at a solo in New York, Amsterdam, ...


Klaus Verscheure calls himself a chronicler. His paintings and video work are his diary writings. They are painted impressions of newsflashes, internet views and of experiences in the field. (he was for example in Bosnia at the end of the war)
His paintings are a statement. They are posters of places with heavenly names such as ‘Guantanamo Bay’ and ‘Gaza Beach’. What we get thrown in the face is the fact that besides this name, nothing heavenly remains.

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