I'm interested in recent news about the latest models of Artificial Intelligence. I started experimenting with ChatGPT, an intelligence designed to interact with a human and answer his questions.
Nancy Moreno, December 2022.

Me : Lots of time on social networks. Radical thoughts come to me but I don't want to express them. I surf online because I'm drawn to nothingness and I feel relief when I come to think of nothing under the constant flow of information.

ChatGPT : It's normal to feel some relief when immersed in the constant flow of information on social networks. It can be a way to escape from reality and relax a bit. However, it is important not to spend too much time on it, as it can have negative effects on our mental and physical well-being. It's important to find a balance between time spent online and time spent on other activities, such as exercise, face-to-face socializing and relaxation.

Me : Yes. Can you write a piece about my work in the style of an art critic with a subjective point of view? I am having a painting exhibition at the Whitehouse Gallery, my name is Nancy Moreno. There will be a series of four paintings depicting a figure erased under a sky where several suns are floating.

ChatGPT : In her upcoming show at the Whitehouse Gallery, Nancy Moreno is presenting a series of four paintings titled "An Endless Cycle of Realization".
The main character in these paintings is presented as almost invisible, lost in a sky where many suns float. The sun, as the central point of our system, seems to multiply with each blink of an eye, leaving the figure in a state of confusion and constant doubt as to his own reality.
Moreno's technique is also remarkable. Her bright, contrasting colors create a striking visual effect, while her fluid, sinuous lines bring her subject to life. The textures she uses add an extra dimension to her paintings, creating an immersive and mesmerizing atmosphere.
In sum, Nancy Moreno's exhibition at the Whitehouse Gallery is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary art. Her unique vision and virtuoso technique make her an artist to watch closely. Don't miss this opportunity to see her work in person.

Me : Amazing. What do you think of the title "Buzz" for my show?

ChatGPT : The title "Buzz" for an exhibition can be interesting because it suggests excitement and anticipation around the event. It can entice people to come and see the exhibition and spark their curiosity. However, it's important to make sure that the content of the exhibition matches the title and doesn't create confusion or disappointment for visitors.

Me : Thank you! By the way, I love hanging out on YouTube. Every day I check one particular channel to follow the latest news of my favorite reality TV stars, do you know what the channel's avatar looks like?

ChatGPT : Yes, it's the Angel of the Apocalypse 2022.

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